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Over £8.5m has been either invested - quasi equity or patient capital - or given by trust grant or individual donation in cash or kind towards seeing vision become reality in the UK, Africa or South America.

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The relationships built, trust and faith demonstrated over two decades in partnering with individuals in the thousands, trusts, companies and churches has been humbling, and far too many to mention.

These though are just a few of the organisations who have supported the journey to date.

The name adopted for this charity was to help give inspiration to others that, as an individual, you can make a significant difference when you pursue your passion.

Thank you on behalf of the tens of thousands in the UK, Africa and South America who today have found new dignity and hope.

This arising from the work they can do, the incomes they can earn and creativity they have discovered and the more fulfilling lives they lead; this also gives hope and greater purpose for the next generation.