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UK - Since 1992 

All the projects and social ventures profiled here have been envisioned, developed and delivered from concept to viability and led (or jointly run in partnerships ventures) by Nick Crowder

The landscape of social and environmental need has changed considerably since 1992. As has the way individuals and communities can help address such needs, either in their own communities or across the globe.


Some examples being:

  • The donor is fast becoming the ‘investor’; they wish to see how their support is making a difference, what ‘return’ are they getting.
  • The financial sustainability of projects and enterprise becoming more critical as traditional funding sources become depleted.
  • The rolling back of the welfare state and the responsibility for our social and environmental well-being resting with every citizen, is forcing a steep learning curve; a step-change in how we collectively rise to these challenges is being presented.


The projects and enterprises founded by Nick on this site are some practical ways in which some of these issues are being addressed in the UK and other parts of the world.

The intention being to always help enable people to help themselves, build social capital and find self- sustainability through their endeavours.