Our work has extended to war-torn Liberia, West Africa in 1992 to Burundian civil conflict in 2015.

The devastating first and second Liberian civil wars (1989 to 1996, and 1999 to 2003), saw Liberia, its communities and entire infrastructure decimated. Its population was left traumatised while the wide use of child soldiers and deep associated trauma generated an urgent requirement for rehabilitation and sustainable social reintegration.

In response, in 1992, we launched a collaborative project. The project sourced, shipped and distributed containers of practical aid, while also providing support to grass-roots partner projects in the war-torn nation.

We shipped bi-monthly containers of basic dried foods, hospital equipment, clothing, building materials, micro enterprise tools and equipment. And, as technology progressed, IT and educational materials were provided.

In both Liberia and our later work in Burundi, it directly impacted many projects, families and communities living in the ashes of a brutal, bloody and deeply traumatic conflict; they were able to rise from the ashes, through the resources and support the project provided.

Alongside this practical support, we ran workshops and 1:1 training and support in the development of micro enterprise and the use of limited communal assets alongside community, project and Leadership Development .