Coaching  Mentoring  Counselling & Psychotherapy  Self Organised Learning

Helping the individual or community discover their innate gifts and potential, to become all that they’ve can be: this has been – and remains One Life International’s founding principle and ethos.

Through the pioneering of bespoke community outreach projects, enterprises and working with groups and 1:1 with pioneer leaders, we create and release social capital that can transform the neediest communities.

We support people in building their own strategies to problem solve and grow in self-directed learning. This creates a sustainable bedrock from which they can continue to evolve and build their own life and work strategies. It builds capabilities to learn and capabilities to continually unlock their own potential holistically and sustainably.

Coaching –

We use certified coaching to assist those we work with to bridge the gap between where they are now, to where they would like to be far more effective than if they worked alone. To assist them to obtain their desired goal(s). We seek to achieve this with the use of powerful tools and techniques to help them uncover their own answers, and gain clarity on what they want and what could be holding them back. This level of awareness and support encourages them to break through any obstacles and go on to achieve their ambitions.

Although some skills may be similar, a coach is not a counsellor, a therapist, a mentor or a consultant. The main difference of a coach is that a life coach focuses on future possibilities rather than past mistakes; this is achieved with tried and tested techniques that qualify them to assist a client in exploring their goals and ambitions.

We believe the most vital role of a Coach is to help those we walk with, unlock their potential, maximise their performance and get the results they are hoping for.

We achieve this by helping to raise awareness with powerful questioning techniques so they can get clear on what they truly desire and who they are at their core. Assisting them to create practical, step-by-step action plans to reach their goals. Providing ongoing support through any changes or obstacles they may encounter and providing tools, techniques and strategies to create lasting, sustainable change and success.

Mentoring –

Mentoring is a partnership between two people normally working in a similar field or sharing similar experiences. It is a helpful relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

With 25 years of authentic, hands-on experience in envisioning, leadership and management, pioneering and delivering cross-cultural and cross-sector social enterprise and community development, we bring empathy, insight, learning experiences and personal journeys from valuable, similar experiences that resonate with those social pioneers we work alongside.

We help the mentee believe in themselves, their vision and their mission and boost their confidence. We ask questions and challenge while providing guidance and encouragement. We encourage them to explore new ideas in confidence, to look more closely at themselves, their strengths and weaknesses and personal issues, opportunities and what they want in life.

We help these amazing social pioneers and the projects they lead, become more self-aware, taking responsibility for their life-long learning and directing their lives in the direction they decide, rather than imposing our views upon them, a critical sensitivity in cross-cultural mentoring in our overseas work. 

Counselling & Psychotherapy –

Often social pioneers and those working in-country put others before themselves, even before their families, often at considerable personal cost. They can become so focused on their vision and mission, they forget themselves and their loved ones.

A vision and mission often come out of one’s own personal situations and life experiences, sometimes traumatic and painful, which leads the person into the theatre of action to help others in the same situation. The problem can be though, that they operate out of their own brokenness rather than wholeness.

Bringing support in counselling and psychotherapy through certified and accredited Counsellors, plays a crucial role in improving the health and well-being of those we work alongside. To help them talk about their story and their journey in a safe space. To assess their choices or their behaviour, to understand why they are the way they are and to make positive changes in their lives so as to be able to lead from a bedrock of strength, healing and wholeness

Counselling deals mainly with those presenting issues that the person wishes to address, they don’t understand why they are the way they are, what makes them respond the way they do, and other elements that can be prevalent in helping prevent burn-out, depression, anxiety, isolation, relational difficulties and the impact of trauma from their past.

Psychotherapy is more focused on psychological disorders that can either be from the effects of past trauma.

Self-Organised Learning –

Learning is not something that happens to a person; it is what makes a person in the first place.

Self Organised Learning (SOL) is based on the fundamental notion that no one can ’cause’ learning in someone else. It will help people take responsibility for their own learning and to more effectively learn how to learn. it is not limited by time, subject, situation or geographical location, culture or academic ability – it can impact your whole life, the way you live, work and play.

We all desire to know more about who we are, how best we function, and why and how events from the past affect our future. Self Organised Learning works with individuals, pairs, teams and entire organisations or communities. To work through and understand these fundamental issues, enabling each person to be more fulfilled and fully function.

A structured process of Learning Conversations and Learning Contracts creates a disciplined, supportive and measured environment in which learners can control their own progress and success. This environment is based on genuineness, trust and empathy.

SOL has underpinned the huge success of Self-Help Groups in Ethiopia where over a million people in poor communities have found and outworked their own strategies toward poverty reduction, building resilience and food security and sustainability.

SOL, within the UK, has also been used in Her Majesty’s Prison Service Psychology & Enhanced Thinking Skills Department seeing a decrease of 92% in repeat youth offending.