Every community pioneer needs an enabler if they’re to put their potential to work, whether that be in the UK or the developing world. We exist to make that happen. To be their enabler and that of their projects. To identify, coach, connect and release social entrepreneurs in their own space, so as to realise their organisational and community potential.

These social entrepreneurs are in the places of greatest social and environmental challenges. And we work with them there. Because answers that grow within the same space as the problems are owned and sustainable.

The impact is where this leads: in communities and, often, whole countries. And connection is where it begins.

One Life International facilitates relational networks among people who possess the potential to be game changers. Bringing them together, to learn, dream, plan, and share, peer-to-peer. Through growing these trusted relationships, we get involved at every level. From personal nurture through to project modeling, replication, and implementation.

What we offer is not widely available. But, for the last 25 years, since we began to offer it, we’ve seen some of the most critical social, economic, and environmental challenges being met from within.

It’s not always easy, or fast. But, as the ripples go wide – they last.

‘A friend is someone you share the path with’ Congolese proverb