‘Invest, support, and journey with the pioneer leader and their organisations, and this will impact and empower communities, regions, and entire countries’.

In pushing the limits of what’s already been achieved the social entrepreneur becomes twice as likely to burn out (25 years of hands-on work with them has shown us this).

Why? Because Pioneers are odd-shaped people that think and do differently. Social pioneers don’t fit the usual box, they are radicals, always thinking outside the box, pushing boundaries, and often outside the ‘normal’ culture.

Burnout, family or personal breakdown, and isolation can be the consequence. This can be a result of their undertakings being outworked through personal undealt with destructive life events or trauma.

This work is in our DNA. And is vital. When these extraordinary, resilient, and often brave men and women answer the call to action, irrespective of potential personal cost, that cost does need to be carried. Mental, emotional, and spiritual health is just as important as physical health, but often not given the time or space.

That’s why we can provide bespoke support through a tri-fold approach of coaching, mentoring, and counselling that supports self-development and personal awareness. These opportunities; environments can be built around networks that fit their nature and character – so that they can measure themselves not by the success or reach of their work, but by the authenticity of their journey and associated beneficial peer-peer relationships.