The effect of a well-grounded, self-aware, inspirational, and visionary leader who has focused their skills on an area of social jeopardy, can transform entire communities, regions, and even countries. They can – and do – establish global movements against human and environmental atrocities, address poverty, tackling deprivation.

The impact and effect of connecting like-minded people, through shared journeys, experiences, understanding, and learning, is seismic. Standing with a social pioneer, someone capable of catalysing change on a massive scale, and showing them they are not alone, but supported, heard, and understood.

This releases immense potential for social change: boundaries first established to preserve self-knowledge as a personal or organisational asset, are liberated. The next generation or wider community is informed and equipped. Learning is passed on. This enables others to go further and faster.

“…after just a few months’ your work, combined with your cultural sensitivity, was remarkable”. Simon Guillebaud, Founder. Great Lakes Outreach, Burundi. Central Africa.

” …with very clear thinking, you see the bigger picture of every opportunity. Being highly motivated and motivating, you live the belief of what could be and have an incredibly strong will to improve our world”. Pete Hailey. UK CVS CEO