From the very start, our work orbited around people living with trauma and destructive life controlling circumstances. We worked with those who were homelessness, those in the sex industry, people trapped in substance addictions, those living with mental health issues and repeat offenders.

Working in collaboration with local rehabilitation centres, health services, Her Majesty’s Prison Service, local authorities and other complimentary projects, we’ve successfully pioneered initiatives to address these life changing issues.

Our vision then, is the same vision now.

One Life international creates safe space for personal reflective development. We’re involved in psychological and work-therapy projects specifically designed for individuals around their interests, gifts, skills and ability to engage.

To bring people into a community of caring and supportive peers – often the first they’ve ever been part of – and see them accomplish personal and professional goals believed to be unachievable; to seeing negative, destructive lifelong habits, mind-sets and behaviours challenged and replaced with creative and productive outcomes.

To see people become productive members of their community’s, breaking the cycle of negative, destructive and often generational, dependency. This was, and is, our mission and calling.